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2 A quantity surveyor is the person who keeps track of costs on a building project. A hydrographic surveyor measures points to do with water, such as rivers, lakes and oceans. A marine surveyor is a person who inspects ships.
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Professional Land Surveyor CyberCoders Dartmouth, MA. Professional Land Surveyor If you are a Professional Land Surveyor who is registered in Massachusetts and has experience in leading a field team, please read on! Founded in 2016, we are a group of.
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A university degree or diploma alone does not allow one to register as a Quantity Surveyor. Usually, anyone looking to qualify as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, Certified Quantity Surveyor or Professional Quantity Surveyor must hold appropriate educational qualifications and work experience, and must pass a professional competence assessment. Wörterbuch: surveyor: Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzung.
technischer Sachverständiger m surveyor esp. Besichtiger m surveyor female. technische Sachverständige f land surveyor. Landmesser m veraltend Vermessungsingenieur city surveyor. Stadtvermesser m city surveyor female. Stadtvermesserin f customs surveyor. Zollaufsichtsbeamter m draft surveyor. Schiffseichaufnehmer m admin. Landvermesser m jobs land surveyor female.
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Cadastral surveying edit. Main article: Cadastral surveying. One of the primary roles of the land surveyor is to determine the boundary of real property on the ground. The surveyor must determine where the adjoining landowners wish to put the boundary.

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